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Thread: cost effective?

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    Unhappy cost effective?

    The following sentences are from the issue over whether or not to allow people seeling or buying human organs. and i am not sure what the following sentences imply.

    1.Government payment for transplantable cadaver kidneys would still make successful kidney transplantation cost effective. ( it is possible for you to paraphrase this one?)

    2.100 people may habe died because of the unfavorble publicity. (here especailly what does it mean by publicity??)

    3. the health organization's resolution calls for compiling information on organ trafficking laws in member countries and publicizing the findings.

    I always appreciate your help. thanks in advance.!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: cost effective?

    2- Bad publicity about buying organs has led to their deaths
    3- They have to get the facts about organ trafficking and put the information into the public domain

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