Hello everybody!

I haven't written anything in English for a long time, and I think it shows. :(

I've been making flashcards because I have to learn some words for my translation class. My flashcards are all fill-in-the-blank type(s?).
There are some sentences and words that still don't make sense to me even after I looked them up in the dictionary, so I need some help with them.
Please let me know if the sentences sound unnatural because I took them from a book that was written by a French teacher.

1. He could see through the door thanks to a chink in the wood.
Does it mean there was a hole in the wood, like a peephole (but an actual hole) and that he could see through it?

2. There was a clanking of couplings as the carriage was joined to the locomotive.
I don't understand this sentence at all. :(

3. The buzz of motorcycles floated across the fields.
Were motorcycles driving on the fields or something? I don't get it. :(

4. A chink of sunlight came through the curtains.
=Some sunlight filtered through the curtains?

5. The President announced the shareholders that there would be no dividend that year.
I don't understand this sentence.

6. The sound of a two-stroke engine
What is a two-stroke engine?

7. A chirping flock of small children
I don't understand this sentence at all. :( What are the children doing?

8. So far the rival companies are level in their take-over bid. The crunch will come tomorrow at the meeting of the shareholders.
I don't get this sentence either!

9. The ice chinked against the side of the cocktail glass.
What is happening here? Is the ice moving inside the glass?

10. The dog crunched the bone.
What exactly is the dog doing?

11. I think this sentence is awkward so I corrected it a bit.
It's easy to devalue a currency. But suppose other countries react by devaluing theirs? That's the crunch.
Why does it say "that's the crunch"?

12. He crunched over the hard snow (his boots broke over the brittle surface).
What is he doing exactly?

Thank you very much for helping me! :)