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Difference between Dharna , Dhayan and Samadhi
I found it very difficult as a beginner to understand the difference between Dharna, Dhyana and Samadhi. Now I feel that I know a bit the difference among these three terms. To understand better and to get benefit I love to apply all my learning to my daily activity.
When we first start learning driving, we are so tensed and so careful. We keep switching front mirror to side mirror while changing lanes; we switch off the radio or do not talk to anyone sitting with us. We even are careful that we should not put the foot on the accelerator when it is supposed to put on the brake. In spite of doing everything carefully we still make lot of mistakes. This is called Dharna. In English we can call it focusing.
When we practice it for a while, we hardly pay attention to our foot or which mirror we are looking at the time of driving. Sometimes we can even talk over the phone or eat something. This is a state of mind when we are still focusing on driving but it is happening by itself unconsciously. We make fewer mistakes. This is called Dhyana or Meditation.

Now we are an expert in driving and we can do many things while driving. But then why we still make accidents and sometimes so severe that the result is the end of the life. When we are able to do just driving in spite of capable of doing so many things simultaneously, we will never make mistakes. This happens when we are able to enjoy the driving all alone lone without being bored. This is called Samadhi or bliss full state of the mind.


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