Hi everyone!
I have prepared a draft of LOR for my graduate studies.I request you to pl evaluate it and suggest changes if any.

Letter of Recommendation

I am very glad to learn from Mr. XX that he intends to continue his education by taking up a Masterís program. I have known him since his third year of engineering and have taught him Computer Networks and Electronic Measurement Systems in his final year of engineering. I was also the B.E. Project coordinator of his class and had a chance to closely observe his work. I am of the opinion that he has all the necessary qualities to successfully complete the Masters program for which he is seeking admission. I highly recommend him for the graduate program offered by your university.
XX first approached me in his final year to discuss about his final year project. His idea of building a low-cost tracker using triangulation method was impressive, but I was skeptical of his capability in working on this project as it involved higher range frequencies.But he seemed to have made up his mind and had already gathered information about the possible difficulties he would face. The main challenge for XX and his team was the design of the circuit operating in the Ultra-high frequency range. After in depth discussions with his guide, my colleagues of the communication department and few other people from the industry, he did build a board capable of operating at such a frequency. What was impressive was the way he went about practically implementing the hardware. He split the project into four different blocks and tested the blocks before integrating them, thereby correcting any errors in the initial stage itself.
At a personal level, XX is a well disciplined, industrious student with a pleasant personality. He has volunteered to shoulder responsibilities be it in class or any extra-curricular activity in the department. He has excellent communication skills and impeccable English which will ensure that he does not face any problems in successfully completing a graduate program at your university.
In my unbiased opinion he has a rich blend of creativity, temperament and discipline required for a person who desires a career in electronics. I strongly recommend him to the graduate program in your esteemed university with full assistantship.