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We should face facts as they exist. We are multilingual it is true, and a very poor country too. the fear of getting employment or not getting employment springs, out of that poverty of ours. but once we took courage in both our hands and began to work, poverty would vanish, and then those languages which have created a narrow regional spirit instead of being the curse that they seem to us today, would function as magnificent vehicles of expression for the rich variety of cultural patterns and modes of living and thought that we have developed. let us hope that day dawns very soon. A regional language as the medium of instruction can facilitate the process of education. It helps the child to learn with ease and interest. But if it is thrust on an unwilling minority used to another allied language it can vitiate the very process of education. It is supposed to help and would create difficulties of a socio-political nature.

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Title: Regional Language and Education

Our country is poor but has many languages, we can wipe out the poverty with hard work and dedication. The regional language can become an asset. It can help the child in picking up the course. However, the imposition of regional language to unwilling people can check rather than facilitation the process of education.

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I am a graduate student not native speaker. Please point out the mistakes in my precis so that I can be able to learn through my mistakes.