(source: Iceberg Slim - Pimp, The story of my life)

section of the novel that contains the expression:

"On campus, I was like a fox in a chicken coop. Within ninety days after I got down there I had slit the maidenhead on a halfdozen curvy coeds.
Somehow I managed to get through the Freshman year, but my notoriety was getting awful. The campus finks were envious, and it was too dangerous to continue to impale coeds on my stake.
In my Sophomore year, I started going into the hills near the campus to juke joints. With my slick Northern dress and manner, I was prince charming in spades to the pungent, hot-ass maidens in the hills."


Slim describes that in the first year of middle school he was very active sexually on the campus, he brought more girls to bed and his mates became envy of him. Thus, in the second year he decided to manage his dates outside the campus.

But where exactly? What does 'juke joints' mean?