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    "Choose faith over fear everyday ..."

    It has been said fear is the absence of faith. Choose faith over fear everyday when you open your eyes. Surrender your fears to God and live the day filled with the joy you can receive from knowing God's promises about worry, fear and anxiety.

    Faith not fear, dear friends - Faith not fear.
    Letters of Hope and Faith - Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

    I have already been told that everyday which is one word is an adjective, and every day which is two words is a time expression. Unfortunately, I couldn’t master their places in sentence. Will you simplify them? I need a universal, simple rule such this …

    Quote Originally Posted by 5jj View Post
    Never use 'enough + adjective' and you'll be safe enough. That's a good enough answer, I think.

    Can this statement make sense?

    Use everyday (one word) only before a noun.

    Thank you.

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    Re: "Choose faith over fear everyday ..."

    Quote Originally Posted by Odessa Dawn View Post

    Use everyday (one word) only before a noun.

    ...or before another adjective.

    'Surfing the net is an everyday, commonplace activity'.


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