Hello, I love english but I am not a native english speaker. So, it will be always difficult for me. I needed some clarifications.

For an example, if someone tells me that I am very grateful for your help, You have been amazing. I normally say it's my pleasure. I am glad that I could help. What else can i say to leave an impact?

Sometimes, people tell me that i am not a computer literate or technology friendly, I am new to this. I normally say I understand. What else I could say to address their point? Something like they should feel it's common problem and nothing to be sorry.

Sometimes, people tell me that I was confused. I say, I can understand the confusion. Is it correct English? What else could have been used?

1. Can you provide me some statements for best wishes like, I wish you best, have a good one, I hope you won't face this problem in future.

2. For empathy, like I know what you have gone through, I understand your problem, I wish I could do something to help you.

3. If I provide some steps what different statements can I use? Like, you can follow above steps. Above are the steps, let me walk you through the steps.