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    Re: ero actor/acress?

    To go back to the original question, those who act in them are 'porn actors' (the -esses suffix is rarely used these days), though we prefer to call ourselves (Oops!)... they prefer to call themselves 'porn stars' in an effort to dignify the genre.

    Note that there are not two different groups of actors making separate soft and hard porn movies. When such films are being made, two versions are shot on the same set with the same actors and the same script . The different versions are then distributed to their various outlets.


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    Re: ero actor/acress?

    Quote Originally Posted by Odessa Dawn View Post
    "pornos" has not been found.
    pornos - Yahoo! Search Results
    Please, take no offence (BrE spelling) at this, but it is almost certainly because of Internet filtering in Saudi Arabia. (Clicking on your link, I got 72,700,000 results.) That's slightly off-topic, but it's worth pointing out.

    PS: Rover's knowledge on this subject seems to be surprisingly impressive. *ducking and covering*
    Dear native English speakers of this forum,
    Please, always point out my grammatical mistakes, assuming you have "the time and the inclination". That is really the most effective way for me to improve. Thank you very much.

    Please note that I am NOT an English teacher.

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