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    eric2004 Guest

    Pls tell me some words in these areas.

    1, clothes in four seasons. (very common, I can't found this post I wrote yesterday. why?)

    2, tourist. ( tourism attactions. tourist spots. others?)

    3, goverment fudings ( some noun. and verb. like, funds, fundings. money. pension. tax payments. spend. allot, others?)


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    1. I am not sure what clothes in four seasons means unless it refers to clothes that can be worn at any time of the year.

    2. tourist attraction
    tourist spot
    tourist destination
    tourist trap

    3. government funding
    corporate funding
    private funding
    public funding

    annuity payments
    tuition payments
    tax payments
    pension payments
    interest payments


    How's that? :)

    (I don't know the answer to the other question. If you posted it it should be there.)

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    eric2004 Guest
    Xixi, Sir, enough yet.

    I will digest what you've ever taught me then.

    Maybe I can't come here this weekend. And when I get some questions I will post here before Friday.(China time)

    Best wish to everybody here.

    Thanks every teacher here.

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