Hi! I am translating a Korean short story into English and I have a couple more paragraphs now. I attacehd three paragraphs here but the first one is just to give you an idea how the story is starting off, or simply put, to give you the context of the story. But I would appreciate if you could take a look at the last two paragraphs and check if the sentences are grammatically correct and give me advice for better expressions if the sentences or phrases are confusing or awkward. Thank you so much!

Next to a postcard of a painting by Keith Haring is a drawing of a girl in profile by Hang Ryul Park. It’s a poster for his art exhibition, which was over two years ago. You would think someone put up a series of artwork and expect the next one to be a painting of Picasso, Chang Ryul Kim, or Andy Warhol, but there you have Freddie Mercury singing his head off, topless. It’s a poster for Queen’s Montreal concert in 1982. Then you would expect to see, perhaps Sting, next, but you are wrong again. Someone put up a t-shirt that he might have worn at a sports game in college. It has a tinge of red from the dirt of the playing field that wouldn’t be washed away. As to what he is trying to stress—whether it’s the imprinted symbol of the school he graduated from at the top corner of the t-shirt, or the passion that he had at the time he was running though the playing field—you cannot say for sure.

After walking along the vibrant and unpredictable alley of cubicles, you find another group of cubicles with a very different vibe, as if you crossed the border between a new town and an old one. They are conspicuously old with stains and faded. They, too, have some decorations on the outside. Except that they are quotes that would belong to the generation who are more used to print, rather than pictures or photos.

Wasn’t it Steve Jobs who said, “The only way not to take a step back is to move forward”? It must be the president who would dare to put up such a cheesy phrase. Does this mean that he is being pushed back though?