I chose this university, because it is recommended by the Polish company called ‘eduABROAD’. I read all the information about the Saxion University and I am impressed. An ideal place for studying. On the other hand, the institution is located in developed country. The Netherlands offers full democracy and human freedom. The government is trying to make life better and easier. The International Business & Management course fits me the most. I am a student who prefer science. Since childhood I was interested in mathematics. Now I am working hard every day to pass my exam very well. I wonder If it is possible to get to the Netherlands and study, live there. Of course, I could study in my country but then I would regret that I wasted my life and future. It is valid for me to meet new people, culture. I am not able to stay in one place for a long period. I am mature and want to try something new which raise some adrenalin. It could be an instructive lesson of how to live alone. I would like to work as well. This solution teaches how to dispose of earned money, not like before when parents were buying everything. I am interested in football, especially in European league. The Netherlands is known for its football at a high level. The atmosphere in the stadium is otherworldly, fans behave properly. I would like to see a match live, it is my second dream. I am trying to practice my English language every day. I am afraid that I will have troubles whit communicating even knowing the language. Please take it into account that I am ambitious and never give up.

Please help me, it is urgent. Write your suggestions.