Hello everyone,
I've been done some writing exercises to improve my English. Could you help me out correcting this one? Thx a lot!

Tell us about a vacation you took. Tell us where you went, who was with you, what you did, as well as any exciting occurrences. You will probably be using the past tense.

Three years ago I went to New York City for an exchange program. I was really exciting because I'd have the chance to live and work in there for three months. I worked as a busser in a restaurant near Times Square. It was my first work experience and I think I did a good job. Besides the work, I could visit many parks, buildings and monuments in the city. Despite the long time I stayed, I couldn't go to all places I want to like Brooklyn and Queens. I wish I had had more time in NY!
I made some special friends during my travel. One of them was an american girl named Samantha. She was very friendly and intelligent. We had a great time together.
I had some difficulties at first. It's always tough live in another country with different people. Besides that, at times I missed my family, home and friends. But I kept alright until the end! :)
That was my most memorable travel. I'm always planning to go back and revisit the city and my friends. I hope go there on next years.