INSTRUCTIONS: FCE writing paper 120-150 words respond to the letter about visit to English-speaking country by high school class (letter has to include such issues:1)why lerning English is important to us, 2) do we prefer to live with native English or in youth center together 3)what would we like to do there 4)some additional questions)

18 February 2013
Dear mr ZYX

I AM most thankful for your immediate reply. As an organizer of our visit to your college I have a few issues to discuss with you. Firstly I would like to once again emphasise, that our visit essentially purposes to improve our language abilities, and that’s the most important for us and our parents who agreed to fully founded the visit. As we are attending to bilingual high school, and English is one of your basic-daily language. Most of the students after graduating our high school choose to study abroad.
Regarding to the accommodation possibilities we commonly decided to live with English-speaking families, as again to use as many English as possible. When living together we would probably use a lot of Polish. Many of us are still afraid of speaking freely in a foreign language.
When it comes to free-time activities we have no any special requirements besides a lot of sport, leisure time and maybe some sightseeing and hearing a bit of your country’s history. I hope there’s a lot of students nearby, with whom we could become acquainted.
There’s a few other questions I would like to ask. Does it rain a lot In your region? What types of clothes ought to we take?

You sincerely