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    fade from the scene,

    Does this "the scene" just mean "people's range of view"? Is it idiomatic or invented here?

    st36)There is a lot of hype in the business press about the dangers of clinging to the past, and much of it is justified. But all the excitement about building better products and companies can make us forget that most new ideas are bad and most old ideas are good...Even toys that are wildly poplular for a while, fade from the scene, while Play-Doh persists. If there was truth in advertising,....

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    Re: fade from the scene,

    It just means that they fade into the background of the market. Lots of toys are really popular for a short period and then some other toy comes along which is suddenly everyone's favourite and that last popular one drops back into just being another toy on a shelf of the toyshop.

    It's not literally "a scene" that you can look at. It's the same way that we talk about the "music scene", the "art scene" etc. It's just the current trend, or area of interest.

    Paolo Nutini is the latest male solo artist on the music scene.
    For a while, Damien Hirst was the biggest name in the art scene.
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