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    I've eaten my fill?

    I've found this expression in a bilingual dictionary when looking for a word to describe your state when you've had enough meal. Other phrases were: to be full, to be satisfied. As far as I know "to be fed up" doesn't work here, does it?
    What expression should one use here:
    Now we (have eaten our fill / 're full / satisfied / full up / fed up?...) and we can go on (doing sth, working, studying or anything)

    I think the context is clear - just stating the fact to another person (before they have had their meals they didn't have energy to go on with their activity, now they are (...) and can go on. (Though sometimes one may feel sleepy after meals,
    but it's a different story.)
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    Re: I've eaten my fill?

    not a teacher

    Now that … we're full / we've eaten our fill / we've had a (good) feed / we've eaten well / we've had a satisfying meal … there are many possibilities.

    To be "fed up" means to be annoyed or frustrated about something that you have been accepting, tolerating or doing for some time. "I'm fed up with this job, I'm leaving!"

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