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    I have two wonderful parents


    Sometimes I am confused about singular and plural forms.
    If I say " I have two wonderful parents",

    (1) is it correct grammatically?
    (2) if yes, does it mean I have a mom and a dad?
    or I have two different parents who are bilologial parents and foster parents?
    (3) if no, then what is the corect expression?

    Also, can I say "My favorite sport is soccer"?
    I think I have used "My favorite sports is soccer" I know that "sports" is plural.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: I have two wonderful parents

    The first sentence is fine. It tells us that both of your parents are wonderful.

    If you want to address the issue of non-traditional families, you could say that both of your Moms or Dads are wonderful. If you have more than two parents, you'd better spell it out clearly because two is the total most of us start out with.

    A favorite is the one thing you prefer above all others, so it is correct to use the singular. It's fine to name more than one favorite. In that case you would say, "A and B are my favorite sports."

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    Re: I have two wonderful parents

    You can only have two biological parents. If you say "I have two wonderful parents", people will assume you mean your biological parents.

    However, you could mean "biological mother and stepfather", "biological father and stepmother", "biological mother and adoptive father", "biological father and adoptive mother", "adoptive mother and adoptive father", "foster mother and foster father", "biological mother and her girlfriend/female partner", "biological father and his boyfriend/male partner". There are multiple possibilities for the identities of the two people who you consider to be your parents.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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