This is an article from BBC News.
BBC News - Coronavirus: Sars-like virus death reported in UK

Prof John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases department at the Health Protection Agency, said: "The routes of transmission to humans of the novel coronavirus have not yet been fully determined, but the recent UK experience provides strong evidence of human-to-human transmission in at least some circumstances. HERE

"The three recent cases in the UK represent an important opportunity to obtain more information about the characteristics of this infection in humans and risk factors for its acquisition, particularly in the light of the first ever recorded instance of apparently lower severity of illness in one of the cases. HERE

"The risk of infection in contacts in most circumstances is still considered to be low and the risk associated with novel coronavirus to the general UK population remains very low."

It seems strange to me that, while the paragraphs starting with The three recent cases... and The risk of infection... have starting quotation marks, there are no ending quotation marks in the places I inserted "HERE".
Aren't ending quotation marks necessary here?