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    Where to study non subsidized ESOL?

    Where can a non-EU national study ESL (ESOL) in N.Ireland UK? Most colleges i have asked say no one other than UK residents can study ESL/ESOL courses because these courses are government subsidized. Can ESL/ESOL be studied privately, or via CDrom, or online etc? My non-EU national friend wants to study while she has a visitor visa, and the British Embassy say she can study up to 6 months ok with that visa. But they don't specify what she can study? So as she has a visitor visa she is not a resident. She only become a resident after working here in UK for 2 years. The whole point of her wanting to improve her English is so that she can get a decent job (via the work permit scheme).

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    Re: Where to study non subsidized ESOL?

    She can study privately- here's a list of schools in Northern Ireland:
    She shouldn't have any trouble studying part-time, wich is under 15 (I think) hours a week. When a course is classed as full-time, it might be more complicated because that would require a student visa.

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