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    frame shook with the emotion of the moment

    Hello all users!

    Quick hands snatched the bundle from the cook, and hungry mother arms folded the sleeping infant to her breast, while hot tears of joy ran down her cheeks and her whole frame shook with the emotion of the moment.

    Could someone help me to decipher the meaning of the underlined fragment in bold type?

    In my opinion, it may mean "body shook because of the emotion (that) she was experiencing at that moment".

    The sentence was taken from The FreeDictionary; entry: bundle. Almost at the bottom of page there is a box with many headings. One of the heading is entitled "References in classic literature". Please pay attention to fragment 2 under the heading.

    Thank you. (I hope this time "thank you" is used properly, not as a separate post).

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    Re: frame shook with the emotion of the moment

    Hi JACEK1,

    I agree with you. I think the writer used frame to refer to the skeletal body structure of the person in this case. It is consistent with rest of the sentence (quick hands, mother arms, hot tears, her cheeks).

    However, frame can also be used figuratively to mean the composure or outlook of a person.

    "Nervous people frame the world with worry."
    "The magician carried a confident frame on stage."

    You'll have to ask the writer yourself but he really meant...but I would agree with you in this specific case!


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