I've done an exersice with 200 multiple choice questions but I have some that I am not sure about the answers.
1. The immigrants may face ... when they are first integrated into the new community.
A. anger B. hostility C. assimilation D. terrorist
2. We are ... to protect the environment because protecting environment is protecting our life.
A. oblige B. compulsory C. obliged D. pleased
3. What kinds of ... does he need for his office? — A central heating, an air-conditioner and a photocopier.
A. convenience B. facilities C. comfort D. devices
4. Yesterday, my mother ... a bad cut on he finger when she was cutting an onion.
A. made B. caused C. had D. did
5. Those shoes look very tight. Do they really ... you?
A. fit B. match C. go with C. measure
6. Whenever you need help, you can ... me, my dear friend!
A. rely for B. count on C. trust on D. depend on
7. The twin towers are ... height.
A. in the same B. the same C. the same with D. of the same
Please help me. I am so grateful for your help.