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Thread: "ungood"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobK View Post
    :up': (And 'Give to me a pen' is very stilted, though I wouldn't say it was ungrammatical; 'Give a pen to me' is less ungood! )
    The question is this: Why has the prefix un- been typed/printed in italics. Note that the whole word leans to the right, but if you take a look at the original post, you will see that the prefix un- is only sloped to the right.Please note that a link has been added to the original post in the above quote.

    Having checked Urban Dictionary and found the following:

    bad, originating from the fictional language Newspeak in George Orwell's novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four". Newspeak is closely based on English but has a greatly reduced and simplified vocabulary and grammar.
    Urban Dictionary: ungood

    Additionally, we have some rules here. Others rules have been left since I couldn’t read them well.

    Italic type


    When to use

    Emphasis: "Smith wasn't the only guilty party, it's true".
    Foreign words, including the Latin binomial nomenclature in the taxonomy of living organisms: "A splendid coq au vin was served"; "Homo sapiens".
    Italic type - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, I have checked Collins Dictionary.
    italic (ɪˈtælɪk )
    a style of printing type modelled on this, chiefly used to indicate emphasis, a foreign word, etc
    British English: italics Italics are letters which slope to the right. Italics are often used to emphasize a particular word or sentence.

    Definition of italics | Collins English Dictionary

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    Re: "ungood"

    Quote Originally Posted by Odessa Dawn View Post
    The question is this: Why has the prefix un- been typed/printed in italics?

    You mean like this: ungood.

    The italics are to show that the word is non-standard or slang.


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    Re: "ungood"

    Also the wink smiley is an invitation not to take it so seriously.

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