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Most of the people using internet to download different stuff, it may be songs, movies, lectures , games or something else. For to download, people adopt different ways. out of all possible ways torrent is most adopted method on that planet without any doubt. yes, it is true according to the bit torrent inc. in January 2013 the active user of using torrents is about 150 million that is really mind boggling, isn’t it? Now the question may be arising in your mind that why the people using torrents to download different kind of stuff than any other downloading method? that answer is that the torrent is widely being used for downloading because torrent is fast and using different way to operate than traditional client-server based downloading method. In traditional client-server based downloading if the required file is popular and being downloading by many user then the downloading will become slow but this isn’t happen in torrent based downloading. Torrent actually works according to the bitTorrent protocol (bitTorrent protocol basically a set of rules according to which the torrent client works ) and bitTorrent protocol enables torrent clients (Torrent clients are collection of software’s that works according to bitTorrent protocol e.g. utorrent, bitcomet,bittornado,bittorrent,ktorrent,deluge,rto rrent,vuze) to download large files by utilizing minimum bandwidth. Basically bitTorrent maximizing the transfer speed by gathering the piece of files you want to download simultaneously by other computers which already have them. bitTorrent protocol allows the users to join the swarm of hosts to download and upload.