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    Yes, it is special for me.

    John: Isn't there a gift in your room?
    Mary: _________________________
    (A) Yes, there isn't a vacation spot.
    (B) No, there isn't.
    (C) Yes, it is special for me.
    (D) No, there is a great shop.
    The answer is option B. Some of my students think option C is possible. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with option C?

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    Re: Yes, it is special for me.

    C is not correct for two reasons:
    • "Yes, it is special for me" simply doesn't make sense in context. It might be a cultural issue, but I can't imagine a situation where you would apply "it is special for me" to a generic object.
    • "It is special for me" is not a grammatically correct construction in the first place. "...special to me" or "...especially for me" would work, but "special" is an adjective and cannot modify a prepositional phrase like "for me."

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