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    Post Make questions to the underlined words

    Help pls )) :

    1) Polly likes cooking

    2) Mr.Smith is a nice man

    3) Columbus discovered America in 1492

    4) I'hcv have just called you.

    5) I hose are my pencils.

    6) Mr.Williams goes to work by train.

    7) She had ironed all the linen by 6 o’clock yesterday.

    8) This dress cost 150 dollars.

    9) Seven people were present at the seminar.

    10) They are shouting at us because they are angry.

    11) Peter goes to the library twice a week.

    12) She always spends hci holidays in Miami.

    13) The agreement has been signed.

    14) These things often happen to young people.

    15) Pete and Mike are playing football.

    16) They spent a lot of money on education.

    17) The device will be repaired in an hour.

    18) My elder brother works as a manager.

    19) Barbara has just returned from the office.

    20) She speaks English fluently.

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    Re: Make questions to the underlined words

    Please post your attempt and someone(s) will review. But it's not clear why the highlighted (not underlined) words are more significant than the other words for development of questions.

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