Research Proposal: ShouldJuvenile be Tried and Punished as Adults?
A crime is a crime, no matter whocommits it. Criminal law should not excuse anybody regardless if they are richor poor, young or old, it does not matter. If the person is older enough to dothe crime, they are old enough to do the time. Juveniles should be tried andpunished as adults for the following reason: adult sentencing is an effectiveway to prevent offenders from repeating crimes, it prevents other minors whoare thinking about committing crimes to stay away from crimes, and it providesjustice to the victims and their loved ones. If the child knows that what theyare doing is wrong, and knows the possible outcome of their actions, then theyshould have to face the consequences like anyone else who does a crime.
Juveniles are not stupid; they knowwhat they are doing before they do it. It is impossible for them to murdersomeone without realizing their actions. They know exactly what theirintentions are and just didn’t care about the law and consequences, becausethey have the mentality that “I’m not going to get caught.” It is absolutelynecessary for society to protect itself against anyone who will rape, or do otherserious crimes; even if those people are 10, 11, and 14 years old and so on.Some people may disagree and say that teenagers don’t know what they are doing,when they are committing a crime or that it will be cruel and unusualpunishment. I believe that teenagers are old enough to know what right fromwrong is. One was taught by their parents at a young age what right and wrongis. All children know that if one does something wrong there is consequencesthat one must face. For example, my children (who are 3 and 4 year old) knowthat if they misbehave at school, when they get home they will be in time outor they don’t get to watch TV.
The best possible solution is to do away with the juvenilecourts. The juvenile jurisdiction allows too much leniency and it doesn’tcompletely allow the child to be punished for the crimes they have committed,therefore, preventing them from having a big impact on future offenses. Adultsentencing is an effective way to prevent offenders from repeating crimesbecause they will be treated like anyone else in prison. Several times, I’veheard from teenagers about how much they’re babied in juvenile jurisdictions.This, in turn does not frighten them enough so that they won’t want to committhe same or different crime again. It just allows them to see that if they doget in trouble again all they’ll have to do is a few months then they’re freeto enter society again and repeat the same thing. Adult sentencing will alsoprevent other minors who are thinking about committing a crime to stay awayfrom crimes. For example, if a 12 year old rapes and robberies their next doorneighbor and getting sentences to 35 years; it will definitely set an examplefor the next teenager who was thinking about doing such a crime. Finally, allowinga teenager to get sentence as an adult will provide justice to the victims andtheir loved ones. No one wants to hear that their father or child was murderedby a 14 year old because he thought it would be cool; and because of his age,all he received was 2 years in juvenile and a slap on the wrist. Everyone mustbe responsible for their actions.
Teenagers do need to do “adult” time for their crimes, whetherthey knew right from wrong. The only way to learn and grow from your mistakesis to be punished for it.