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    Exclamation Discrete vs Global Learning

    What is the difference between discrete listening and global listening? Which should be best suited for the students? Need an exercise focusing on each listening (discrete/global)

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    Re: Discrete vs Global Learning

    It seems as if its your assignment. Dont you have any text book to get help from?

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    Re: Discrete vs Global Learning

    Yes true its my assignments, we do have a book for it, but our teachers have asked us to get details from other sources (like from books in libraries or net), for me the access to net is much easier then to go to a library. By the way, I am doing a diploma in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

    Thanks once again for your earlier reply regarding Transmission/Interpretation Role.

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    Re: Discrete vs Global Learning

    well discrete listening is where students have to listen each and every word. All information is important. Here passages are usually short and students are provided with finely-tuned input. It is to help students understand individual structure of languge.
    Global listening is listening to get the gist or the main point of the message. It is not important to listen all the words. The listener tries to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words from the context. Usually roughly tuned-input is provided.

    may be you can get some help from my thread "discrete listening"

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