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Thread: rely / lean

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    rely / lean

    Are the following inspirational sentences acceptable?

    1. Read extensively, learn by yourself.
    Don't lean / rely too much on what schools teach you. Roads need to be broadened by yourself.

    2. Aggressively look for practical training experience.
    Personal networks and experiences are the only proper courses to take in workplace.
    You need to keep accumulating your experiences to make you seen.

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    Re: rely / lean

    Hi Ashiuto

    As an NES, but not an English specialist:

    1. I would personally use "rely" rather than "lean" in an inspirational context - "lean" has some negative overtones that "rely" doesn't.

    2. I would rephrase as: "I believe personal networks and experience are the only proper routes to take in workplace.
    You need to keep adding to your experience to make you stand out from the crowd."

    Note that, in an inspirational context, "believe" is more powerful than "think".

    Hope this helps

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