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    Are the following inspirational sentences acceptable?

    1. Be courageous to express yourself. Don't let Asian shyness become a natural in others' eyes. The world is cruel, and you must fight actively to strive for your stage.

    2. All obstacles are the stepping-stones to success. Don't be afraid of the obstacles ahead of you. After you overcome all the sufferings, all the sufferings will turn into joy.

    3. With the variations in ever-changing information, we should improve our personal ability everywhere all the time so as to keep in step with the times.

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    Re: stepping-stone

    I'm afraid none of them has a clear meaning. It is hard to revise them because it is difficult to determine what you are trying to say. If you abandon your attempt to create aphorisms and try to make each of your points in a fuller and more discursive way, perhaps we will be able to help you craft them into aphorisms.

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