Hi, I wrote a short composition about my work which I want to insert on my site :). I really appreciate any help...

Hi, my name is Konrad and Iím 23 years old front-end developer and web designer. I specialise in designing interactive websites, varied graphics as well as identity of firms. As a freelancer Iím notoriously searching for new challenges so if youíre interested in collaboration, please contact with me.

Web design:
Interactive websites, which I develop include graphics, composition, code and usability. They are designed so as to ensure users as comfortable access to information as possible. At the same time I take care of appeal and attractive appearance of sites. I buckle down to make every my project: site, e-commerce, wordpress looks united with the latest trends ascendent in network.

Owe to print, which is one of the most efficient methods of advertisement, your promotion is able to reach the board body of customers. My role is to build a bridge between product and client. After mutual brainstorming I go in for developing a professional, ready to use graphics. I offer a wide range of advertising products such as: leaflets, posters, cards, banners and many more.

Visual identification of company is a fundamental utensil which serves to create the appearance of firm at job market. This term assesses the totality of symbols applied in corporate to achieve higher integrity and readability of corporation. My aim is produce advertising stuff of brand among other things: matching colouring, font, logo in other to reflect reliability of the company.

Currently I live in Poland but I work with people all over the world. If you have an question, you would like to share something with me or want to say hello just write to me. It will be a pleasure to have a chat with you.

if you want to use some of me works in commercial or personal use, please contact with me before. Thanks!