……………. She studied with me during the academic term 2006-2010 when she took orchester and chamber music and conducting courses by the undersigned at the XXXXXX University, Music Education Department in XXXXX city and distinguished herself as an industrious, self-disciplined and goal-directed student. Her aptitude and dexterity in piano playing marked a decisive development in the course of time she spent under our roof; whereupon I advised her to continue her mastery in the field of piano-playing after she graduated.
Now, she is continuing her studies in Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris to improve her skills.
During the four year term she spent with us, she followed the courses in viola and vocal music in addition to her piano classes. Having concluded her studies in our establishment, she was awarded the degree qualifying her as music teacher. She took part in many concerts and art projects in her university life.
Besides her music education she wants to study in the field of ‘’culture and art management’’ in order to use her knowledge and experiences by taking part in opera houses and in culture and art projects.
I am sure she will have all necessary qualification by the education given in your university.