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    Relaxed OR weak OR?

    I was a bit puzzled recently when I learned that the word "relaxed" means "calm". This poses a problem for me, because I need an English word meaning something like "having a pleasant feeling of one's body muscles (or just body) physically not tense, disposed to sleep or watch TV or just lie down for a while doing nothing ". I used to think that "relaxed" was the word to be used. The English word I need could be used in the following context:

    The students should go to the language lab to listen to the recordings. Doing one's listening practice in the language lab is much more efficient while at home one is too .......(relaxed...OR???) (you start listening and then you want some tea, after tea you might want to watch TV, have a snack or a nap etc., so you can't concentrate)
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    Re: Relaxed OR weak OR?

    "Relaxed" is fine in that context.

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