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Thread: Check my essay

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    Check my essay

    Hi all
    I am a new member of the forum and an Italian student
    I do not know if this is the right section but I wanted to ask if you could check and correct this text.

    Thanks you all

    Do you think the concept of “normal” and “beautiful” are correct and realistic in our modern society? (minimum 200 words)

    I think that the concept of “normal” and “beautiful” are different words in our modern society. Because “normal” means that exist in majority, “beautiful” has a meaning abstract and has lack the objectivity. There is a famous saying, I will try to translate: “It’s beautiful what is beautiful, It’s nice what is like”. Which the concept of normal isn’t always beautiful but often we prefer beautiful things because it is cool or fashionable. From this means can born a lot of issues. An example can be a beauty contest or buying a fashion phone. I remember the definition of words, that are more realistic in modern society. Because a lot of people to be normal must be beautiful. In modern society, from this need sometimes the moms push their daughters to participate in pageant. The young girls gave up their youth to be show more nice and they take diet pills or drugs for being skinny. This for the their mothers is the solution to reclaim their beauty. But the use of drugs or diets can do health problems in a young body. This problem can be psychological and physical, as anorexia or bulimia. In conclusion I think that the important thing isn’t appear beautiful but be normal. Then you don’t need to see shows that the physical is all.

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    Re: Check my essay

    When do you have to submit this piece to your teacher/tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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