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    old-timers' games

    Does this "old-timer" refer to "retired old players" or "senior players before retirement"? It seems to mean the former, but also the latter is included in the definition.

    st76)Joe DiMaggio had joined the Yankees in 1936, just one year after Babe Ruth retired, and was an immediate star...and he retired after the 1951 season because he felt he just wasn't as good as he used to be. He didn't want fans to see anything less than the best. For that same reason, while he would show up at old-timers' games and even would wear his old uniform, he would never play...

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    Re: old-timers' games

    It means retired old players, not senior players prior to retirement. If you consider what the author says about DiMaggio's reason for retiring, I think you will see that Joe didn't want the fans to see anything but the best.
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