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    Post Ive written a virtual short story and now I need you to help me for check it.

    My name is mark Wilson. Im 34 years old. In the past Ive a lot of dreams. When I was child I wanted to have a self employed job in the future. But know Im a fire fighter. our station is located in the rose park st. My colleagues are in a good company with me. They call me willy and until now we havent any fed up.
    In our job you cant cut the corner because of the rigid time table. At work we need to be ready all the time because the alarm may be abrupt ring. During the operation staffs should obey the commander. One day in the operation I understood that the machine didnt have enough water and immediately paged another machine to come and then carried the operation on.
    Being a fire fighter is a satisfying job. Fire fighters are not required to have any academic qualifications but they must brave, strong and patient. This job is responsible and challenging and its full of stress. Only people who have sedulity can do it.
    Finally I have to say that I enjoy my job forwhy we can help a lot of people every day.

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    Re: Ive written a virtual short story and now I need you to help me for check it.

    Check your use of tenses.
    Check your capitalisation of proper nouns.
    Check your use of particular words ("know", "abrupt", "paged", "sedulity").

    Read through your story again very carefully, concentrating on those points and edit any errors you find. There is one error in the first sentence, for example. After you edit your post, leave a new comment under this one to say that you have done it and we will look at it again.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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