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    i need help plzzz

    The different between Mrs Croft and her daughter Helen are the dress style and the proper and the age. Firstly, there is a big difference between Mrs Croft dress and Helen. To illustrate, Mrs Croft wore black skirt and white blouse in contrast Helen wore a sleeveless summer dress. According to Mrs Croft she did not satisfied with her daughter dress. As a result, she said that is improper for a lady of Helenís station to reveal her age, and to wear a dress so high above the ankle. The funny thing is that when Helen told her mother what would you do if you left the house one day and saw a girl in miniskirt? She answered Iíd have her arrested. Secondly, the contrast between Mrs Croft and Helen is the behavior of talking with men. For example, when Mrs croft hear her daughter talk to the narratorís she said for them come downstairs immediately because it is improper for a lady and gentleman who are not married to one another to hold a private conversation without a chaperone. Finally, the age is the biggest different between Mrs Croft and Helen. As a result of their age they have a lot of difference what we talk about. To sum up, the biggest reason of the difference between Mrs Croft and Helen their age. Every generation is different than the old generation.

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