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    at Seller's facilities

    Hi everyone,

    There is this phrase that often appears in contracts, "at Seller's facilities", and I don't understand what it means. Can anyone give it an explanation? Thanks alot.

    Here I pick some context:

    a: All orders for Products shall be subject to acceptance by Seller at Seller's facilities.

    b: Seller will ship Products to Purchaser via regular United parcel Service delivery or similar carrier, F.O.B. Seller's facility.

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    Re: at Seller's facilities

    It means that the only way an order will become valid is if the person selling accepts the order and does it at their place of work, so an order in the post that hasn't arrived would not be a valid order IMO. However, these are legal questions and lawyers know best.

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    Re: at Seller's facilities

    The "seller" is the entity selling the product. They are saying here that:

    a) The Seller will test products and decide which are acceptable and he will do that at his (the Seller's) factory.
    b) The purchaser ("buyer") takes possession and pays for shipment from the Seller's factory.

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