At present, there are quite a few heated discussions raging in Australia regarding the treatment and conditions of teachers in the public education sector. Generally we have reasonable conditions, however that isn't always the case.

Over the past 5-10 years, we've begun to have a reduced flow of teachers entering the service, up until a couple of years ago, when it saw a larger influx. Older teachers were beginning to retire (either forced or co-operatively), making way for new teachers. Which begs the question of why certain stringent methods are being discussed, with the very likelihood of being implemented?

Prospective teachers will have to prove their passion for the job, as well as pass new literacy and numeracy tests, before winning a place in university.
Now as some teachers in Australia may know, we go through quite a lot of training, much of which strongly tests our 'passion' for teaching. You can't go into a school in your second year, be told to run the class for three weeks straight by yourself, and not have a passion for the profession.

Consider this a bit of a rant, but please feel free to have a discussion about it.

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