I've been tutoring a couple of new students lately and I feel I need to have a short warm-up reading session in my lessons. There is this great book called Remedial Reading Skills that is intended for learners willing to improve their reading skills. But it doesn't have texts - just words for any given letter combination. I've been trying to lay my hands on a text or two that would contain all major phonetic configurations (e.g., ight, ea, ou, ought, ce, ow, le, etc.). So far I've found one:

The brown house looked dark in the night. An owl hooted somewhere nearby. John had doubts about anyone living in such an old building. He began to walk past it, when he heard a loud shout.
The boy thought about running, but what if someone was in trouble? That was no shout of joy. The voice sounded scared. Surely help was needed. Should he go get an adult to join him? No. He had to act fast. Listen. Bang! Another noise.
John climbed the stairs to the front door and began to knock. No answer. When he began to knock a second time, there was a cry from an open window above. John stepped back and tried to see who was there. He saw a pair of yellow eyes in the window. They belonged to a big black cat. Did the cat need help? No. Didn’t they say all cats have nine lives? So when John heard a man angrily shout, “Go away!” he did just that. He did not need to find out who lived in that old house.

If someone knows where I could download a similar text, please let me know. Thank you very much!