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Thread: "little hotel"

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    "little hotel"

    Quote Originally Posted by emsr2d2 View Post
    We use "well" with "remember" in statements.

    Do you remember that little hotel we used to stay at on Corsica?
    Ah, I remember it well.

    Do you remember the first car I bought?
    I don't remember it well - I vaguely recall that it was green.
    We can use a little and much with uncountable nouns:

    • I've got a little money.
    • I haven't got much rice.

    Uncountable Nouns
    Few and little

    We use a few with plural, countable nouns. For example, "A few people came to the party."
    We use a little with uncountable nouns. For example, "There's a little coffee left, if you would like some."
    We can also use few and little (without "a") to mean very few or very little (i.e. much less in quantity).
    For example, "There's little point in calling" (= there's not much point calling).
    "There were few people at the concert."
    Quantifiers in English: few, little, lots of

    Q: Why has little been used with countable noun? Does this indicate that dropping the indefinite article (a) means little can work perfectly with countable noun such as hotel?
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    Re: "llittle hotel"

    It's not a matter of the quantity of "hotels" like it is with "a little coffee."

    It has to do with the size of the hotel. Some have 500 rooms. Some have 10 rooms. The latter would be a little hotel.

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    Re: "little hotel"

    The article has not been dropped- that is used instead. Little is an adjective here, not a quantifier.

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