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Thread: Help please!

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    Question Help please!

    Please, Can you correct me these sentences.

    The nature of deviant behavior is therefore considered in the light of a referential: the norms of the group that one who adopts the conduct in question. according to Willis, these standards summarize the current behavior in social groups using repository, each group having its own standards. Thus, behavior may be deviant in a group and according to another, and there is no universal definition of deviance and intangible. Normative systems evolve, behavior can even go from being deviant to that line.

    In one hand, it is regarded as deviance systematically carrier damage in the other hand, the interest is to mark a turning point in the vision of déviance.Elle is not always negative

    In a world where competition is stronger than ever, organisational performance becomes important. However, the organisational performance is now based on individual behavior and performance. Therefore, deviant behavior are important because it can affect the performance of organisations. Consequently, the behavior deviants occupy a big importance because they damage the performance of organisations. However, the natural question to ask is therefore which behavior is considered as deviants. To what extent this harmful behavior is present in organisations. And are they frequent?

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    Re: Help please!

    Hi Elvira
    Welcome to the forum!

    As an NES but not a specialist English teacher:

    My first comment would be that your sentences, particularly the first, are far too long and complex
    It's difficult to follow what you are trying to say.

    Try splitting them up into shorter sentences and use shorter, simpler, words.
    If you do so, it makes it easier for people to follow and help you frame more readable text.



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