Topic : The internet has influenced on cultures of many countries . To what extent would you say television has positive or negative effect on the society ? .

Television has been one of the most popular sources of media in recent years . The prevalence of television is of benefit to the society . Nevertheless , we can not deny the detrimental consequence on people especially the juvenile . In this essay , i will discuss both sides of this issue .
Statistics show that children are easily affected by what they see on television . First , television is an informative channel to the youngers so as a result television has an impact on the younger' perception / cognition because kids tend to imitate on the violent scences on TV . Muay Thai , a typical violent TV channel , is often seen by students after school . That is probably one of the reason why there is an increase in the number of commiting violence in school . Some children become addicted by the poison administered by that kind of channel and behave exactly like the characters they saw on the movie . Second , couch potatoes usually have bad eye sight which may cause misunderstandings that they really devote to their studies . The kids have nothing to do after school but sit in front of the TV screen because it is considered an interesting activity to do compared to taking part in a sport .
However , we can not deny the benefits of television to our life . First , thanks to this kind of entertainment , workers have relaxing moments after devoting all the energy in their works . Second , television is also an informative channel to viewers . It is better to spend 15 minutes every morning following the news everyday but it is counter productive if viewers spend all the day watching from films to films .
In brief , televisions play a crucial part in our life . But the negative effects seem to outweigh the positive one . This media turns out to be really beneficial if we know how to utilise it . Otherwise , it can be a trouble once viewers are addicted to it . So it is better to minimize the detrimental sides and promote the good sides .