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    Question application letter

    Hello, my name is Anastasia. Could you please help me?
    my teacher of English language, in my letter I pointed out my mistakes. Could you advise me how best to me to formulate my suggestions!
    Thank you for your attention!

    1) please tell me, how do you think the best way to use this offer? thanks:

    My name is Kate Miller. Iím 3 year student of the Ukrainian National University, Faculty of Foreign Languages. I saw your ad in the international common newspaper where interested in your offer.

    2)please tell me how you think you can use that as a proposal:

    I have the leadership skills, I organized a group of the Red Cross to help people who are sick
    I agree with the terms and monthly payments of my work

    3) be kind enough to tell me how best to modify the proposal. thanks:

    Mr. David Kennedy, urge to take into consideration my suggestions and give me the opportunity to prove it.
    Waiting for an answer in the near future!

    Thank you very much for your help

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    Re: application letter

    Hi Kate. I would advice you to write it like this
    I have good leadership skills. I organized a group of Red Cross members to help sick people.
    I agree with the terms and monthly payments that are entitled to my work. For extra writing tips, you may click here for more Applying for a Job, Passport, Loan, Credit Card or a CRB

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