I've made some mistakes in my composition. Please help me to fix them
mistakes are colored and there are some hints

Dear Mr. Kennedy,
I知 writing to apply for the job at an[К1] activity centre for children. I知 sure that I知 suitable for this job and have required abilities.
I知 18 years old student of IE[К2] , so I have knowledge of foreign languages and good English[К3] . My parents have their own restaurant, so I have experience in[К4] cooking. Also I have good experience in communication[К5] with children, the reason is four younger brothers and sisters. What about [К6] sport abilities I was a member of school swimming and basketball teams and I really love playing tennis.
The only problem is period[К7] , it痴 because of my university[К8] , I have to pass[К9] my exams and they last till 13 of June, but I think that this problem is easy to solve[К10] .
What about vacancy, I壇 like to work as cook or sport leader [К11]
Your faithfully[К12] , Alexandr Anenko

[К1]Wrong article


[К3]extra part

[К4]wrong preposition




[К8]It does not belong here.


[К10]for whom