Hi everyone, i would really appreciate to receive some suggestions about what might be wrong or what can be improved in my letter, thanks!

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am hereby applying for entrance to one year of studies as an exchange student at University College Utrecht starting at the 2013 fall term.
To begin with I would like to provide relevant information on my personal background. From ever since I could remember, curiosity has been a defining trace in my life. It has always acted as a never ending desire to know and comprehend the world around me, which inevitably led to an early and abiding investigative tendency. In this sense, I think aspiring to study a wide range of areas within a Liberal Arts and Sciences course is the natural development of my true passion for knowledge.
At the same time, a chance to study in the Netherlands is a chance to live in the heart of Western Europe. Considering it is impossible to understand any current westerly matter without rooting back to European history, I find the opportunity to experience at close range the life and culture of such people and places absolutely fascinating.
Furthermore, the broad education I aim to obtain studying at UCU would be a certain and valuable exercise to my mind as a whole. I understand in the contemporary world it is essential to accumulate different ways of analyzing and understanding data, and ultimately of thinking, in order to successfully navigate through academic and professional problems of all kinds. Im convinced the knowledge and experience I intend to gain during this program will be of great aid on my pursue to become an outstanding researcher. Particularly, the very possibility of studying an English-taught program abroad as an exchange student will without doubt support any future endeavor in taking part at international projects.
Finally, by attending University College Utrecht I could bring with me my Brazilian and Latin American cultural heritage, contributing to the beautiful multicultural aspect of the Dutch society, and to the international experience inside the campus. Also, I believe my desire to learn and my respect for knowledge results in a stance as a student which can be beneficial to a classroom environment. I tend to see myself as attentive, interested and participating, that is, entirely willing to take part in a healthy apprenticeship relation.
All things considered, the unique and broad program opportunities UCU offers, extremely fitting to my equally broad field of interests, along with the unquestionable gains which come along with an international experience such as this, make me secure the University College Utrecht is an excellent start for an ambitious future in any field of research in which I may come to work.