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    use your brain(s)

    I heard the following dialouge from a moive:

    Boy's mum: What do we do with the eggs?
    Boy's dad: Give them back.
    Boy: Well, what do I say?
    Boy's dad: Tell her we don't eat eggs. We're allergic to them or something. Come on, use your brains.

    I suppose the boy has only one brain, why does his dad say "brains".


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    Re: use your brain(s)

    It's one of the conventions in English that we refer to the actual organ in our head as our "brain", but we call our intelligence/reasoning ability/initiative our "brains". In this case, the father is telling the boy to use his reasoning ability, and hence his "brains".
    I'm not a teacher of English, but I have spoken it for (almost) all of my life....

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