Is everything understandable in the text below?
"There was a survey in order to find out how often people use their credit cards. It shows that 48% of people are using their credit cards quite often. 20% of participants pointed out that they only use a credit card when they are out of cache. 8% do not have any credit card at all. The only option of 4% of participants is cache.
I don't have a credit card, so I belong to those 8%, who don't use credit cards because they don't have any.
The good thing about credit cards is, that you can buy things even when you don't have any money. The second good thing is, that when you have a credit card you are getting a travel insurance as well. The third advantage is, that you don't have to go to the mall, so you could buy things. You can buy them even when you're in your bedroom via the Internet.
The main disadvantage is, that you can easily buy too many things, so later you can run into some difficulties paying off these goods. There are many small stores which don't accept credit cards and you can't use credit cards in the marketplace. Sometimes there can be some technical problems when you can't pay with your credit card because of these. I often use my moms credit card when we go shopping on e-shops. We like them very much because we can find more different cloths there, comparing to regular shops, and the clothing is cheaper as well. Also variety is much bigger on the online stores.
A credit card can be very useful. It can change things in a good way when you know how to spend money wisely. However, if you don't, it can cause many problems. If you know how to save money and how to spend them wisely this card is for you."