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    Talking 18-may or might

    Dear all


    I asked this question some days ago, but I didn't get a good and perfect reply. Please tell me the answer.
    The difference between (may)and(might) in meaning . For example:
    A.You may be wright .
    B.You might be wright .

    A.The attorney may be late .
    B.The attorney might be late .
    What's their exact difference in meaning and usage?


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    Re: 18-may or might

    Have you tried here?

    Spelling Help
    You may be right.
    You may be wright.

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    Talking Re: 18-may or might

    The difference between 'may' and 'might' is marginal. Both are used to show 'possibiliy'. The possibility in 'may' is greater than in 'might'. Therefore, 'the attorney may be late' means he is close to being late whilst 'the attorney might be late' shows distant or remote possibilty. Let's say 'may' is 70 per cent possible and 'might' 40 per cent possible. Furthermore, 'may' is formal whilst 'might' is often informal.


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