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    1-Then you need to find out what is wrong with it.
    2-You then need to find out what is wrong with it.
    3-You need to find out then what is wrong with it.

    Which of these sentences can be used if the intended meaning is:

    a-As a consequence of what has been said, one would say that you need to find out what is wrong with it.

    For example:

    Jack says: My computer isn't working properly.

    And Jane replies: If that is so, then you need to find out what is wrong with it.

    In other words, "then" is not supposed to have a temporal meaning here.

    I think in "2", "then" could only have a temporal meaning and therefore "2" would not work in this context.

    "3" sounds informal to me.


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    Re: then

    Given the intended meaning, 1 is the most common by a very wide margin.

    As you say, 2 would likely be used if then were temporal. But given your intended meaning, a person hearing 2 could easily rule out the temporal meaning.

    All three seem intelligible, but 2 and 3 would rarely be heard in actual usage.

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