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    Immediate help is needed. Can someone revise my paper please

    Rape is a problem in modern society because it remains a commonly practiced crime. Despite the severe consequences and the fact that it is morally and ethically wrong, the numbers of cases are growing. According to Susan Shaw, rape is defined as a sex without consent and it is understood as a crime because the purpose is to hurt and dominate the individual who’s being raped. She explains consent as a freely made choice by individuals. Rape can happen to people of any ages, women, men and children. Majority of reported rapes are against women. Rape can be considered a force as methods of overpowering. Women have always been targeted as rape victims all over the world for varies of reasons. Why women are victims of rape is not always men’s fault but some times women can be faulty also.
    It is assumed that rape has been around since the beginning of time. The
    only thing that has changed is how society views the crime. For instance, in
    ancient times the laws of society were written and enforced only by men. This led
    to unfair laws that did little discourage men from raping women. Somebody is sexually assaulted once every 2 minutes. 54% of sexual assault is never reported, 12% of offenders get prosecuted, 2% get more than one day of jail time. According to the FBI, only about 8% of rape accusations are false. One in three American Indian women have been raped or have experienced an attempted rape, according to the Justice Department.


    One aspect of rape that remains a mystery is why people feel the need rape others. Rapists are the scariest of criminals in the sense that they can appear to be normal, mentally stable individuals. Rapists come from every race, social class, and level of education. Researcher's studying rape group rapists in to profiles to try to understand why people rape. In an essay by Mackenzie Jackson, "The Psychology of Rape", she theorizes that "Some do it to confirm their manliness, some do it to feel powerful, and others do it because they hate women as a whole". This statement summarizes most rapist profiles, while displaying the mild to malignant variety of reasons that men rape women. Men rape for varies of reasons. They sometimes do it under peer pressure just to prove that they are capable of doing it just like other men are. They are trying to prove their manhood to other men by conquering women. Men could also become rapist because they weren’t raised properly or they might have had a sexual assault experience when they were younger. By humiliating women, they can raise themselves up; they can become more popular, and look powerful.
    Women can sometime be blamed for why they became rape victims. One of the most important reasons that why some women become rape victims is because they weren’t raised right and their mother didn’t teach them how they would respond to these situations. One other reason can be an unhappy family. In this situations women constantly look around to find love from strangers. These women lack confidence and self-respect. A guy friend of mine was dating a girl who was a freshman in high school. Her ethnicity was probably white or mixed white. She was an moderate person like hyper but very moody at times and moody meaning like very down and depressed. She used to dress in sweat pants and t-shirts a lot. I never knew what was going on with her until some times passed and she started opening up to me about how her family is. At first she never used to talk about them and I didn't know what the reason. Later, one day, she began telling me how she wasn’t really close with any of her family members. She never really felt any love from her mom or dad. She never really seemed to enjoy talking about her dad either. There were times she used to be in her own bubble, and didn't want to be close to anyone. Seemed like she had problems with her boyfriend too. She fought with him and they broke up on and off. She couldn't keep her relationship solid and still. As times went by, her attitude began changing; not caring for anything or anyone. She broke up with her boyfriend and she was talking to few different guys. One day she just broke down crying by me while she was holding her arms. As I said what's wrong, she, I believe was what's known as a cutter. She began telling me how she gets sexually abused meaning raped by her own father and her mom not doing anything about it. She didn't tell me if her mom knew or didn't. After knowing this fact about her I realized why she was so hyper and all of a sudden she could get depressed. I guess she only maybe got a one way love or zero love from neither parents. Especially her father who should be protective and take care of her. No wonder why she never talked about him. She never experienced a true love from family that's why it affected her relationships with guys. And psychologically if one is raped with an outsider or a family member they can be scarred for life. It can cause many problems from emotional, mental, and physical problems can bring up many thoughts and dangerous movements such as suicide, drug and alcohol abuse or cutting yourself. I was really worried about her but I didn't know what to do and I couldn't really tell anyone about this honestly. But I believe after that year I never saw or heard from her ever again. Recently, I talked to my friend who used to date her before and he told me he had guest that she was going through some family abuse. He said, once she passed out while having sex with him and started having anxiety. He said she was unconscious and her whole body was shaking and she said sentences like “please daddy, please don’t rape me.” He said she didn’t remember any of the things she said after she woke up and he didn’t tell her anything because he thought it might get her in a depressed mood. After that he ended up breaking up with her because she had turned to a girl who would sleep with all the guys in high school. Being raped is a traumatic experience for the victim. Psychological damage on the victim varies depending on the age, sex, religion, and culture of the victim. The only guarantee is that the effects of rape on a victim are never positive. Rape is known to lead to psychological and emotional problems that often keep the victim living in fear and unable to maintain trustful relationships with others. Victims often begin to withdraw themselves from others and often develop low self-esteem and decreased self worth.

    Gender creates the social differences that defines “women” and “man”” (Lorber p. 127). According to author individuals learn what is expected and react in expected ways through social interactions. He also mentions, “gender is a process of creating distinguishable social statuses for the assignment of rights and responsibilities” (p.127). In our society, conquering women, is a prove for men to have a male gender. One reason that men become rape criminals, as mentioned above, is to prove their manhood to other men and to women.

    What creates man and women different in first place, in my opinion, is what is sex. Sex can be defined as biological and anatomical differences between man and women. According to author, gender can be understood as sexual differences. Author emphasized on how closely are biology and culture related to each other. I think, physical differences are what making man and woman different in first place. Men are in general more masculine and less limited in aspect of having sex and generate offspring than women are. Male reproduction is usually limited by number of female mate available for him, while woman reproduction, is limited by the number of offspring she can produce (Minorsky. P. 469-485). This biological fact, make man dominant over women since they can conquer more women and are less limited. This might have a lot to do with why women are more often the victims of rape.
    I think behind all these, is the basic sad fact that women have to always be reminded as non-dominant culture. Men, simply to have a control over them, and I think the concept of androcentrism applies here because males have constructed what behaviors proves their manhood. Androcentrism goes to what men see through their eyes that defines the meaning of being a man and powerful. By conquering more women, men prove to each other they are as powerful and capable of overpowering women as other men are.

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    Re: Immediate help is needed. Can someone revise my paper please

    This is an assignment.

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